Sometimes I just don’t want to do it.

IMG_0672Guys, I have a confession: sometimes I really feel far too lazy to be zero waste. There. I said it. That’s why I go through phases where I don’t post. It’s not that I don’t feel inspired–because believe me, I do! And every time I see my favorite zero waste bloggers post new blogs or pictures on Instagram, I get even more inspired!

No, it’s not that. It’s the laziness that has struck my life. Or rather, the laziness I’ve been plagued with the last few years. However, I’ve seen it get far worse in the past few months. Ever since moving out of Mom and Dad’s house, I’ve kept my room a mess. And I don’t just mean messy…I mean a jungle! With its own creatures and everything! Jk just ladybugs, but I’m working on getting rid of those.

Having a zero waste day for me means waking up early enough to make my own lunch. But that requires getting to bed early, and my body’s still trying to figure out how to do that.

Having a zero waste day for me means coming up with homemade concoctions for the things I would normally buy in stores: toner, face wash, household cleaners, etc.

But these things take time. And I admit I’m not the best at making that time. It takes consistency, and it takes dedication to the cause. So now you know. It’s my weakness. I’m getting better though–one reusable napkin at a time! Be looking for more posts coming up in the near future. I’ve found some new waste-free things I love. Here’s to saving the planet!

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